The Other Shoe

So, on Friday, when I was talking to Aurora (the woman with the apartment) I kept waiting for her to make huge demands. Like, "We need a year bank guarantee." When she only said 1 month deposit, I was flabbergasted and thrilled.

I told her I would see the place again on Monday (today) and call her after that.

Today, I stood outside in the hot sun with Kelly and Amy and waited for the man to show up and let us in to see the apartment. At 2:20, I called him. He said he was told not to show it anymore because it was rented.

Ahem. I called Aurora to clear it up. Apparently on Friday, someone was willing to sign the contract then and there. She said she tried to let me know but I never got the call. It was rented. On Friday.

THUD. There went the other shoe.

More than 5 hours later, I am feeling strangely peaceful. We called about the first apartment we saw in the same complex. They want a 6-month bank guarantee. We are going to offer a glowing recommendation from our current landlord, and a letter of guarantee from CAI for one year's' rent. If they say no, we'll look elsewhere.

It would be easy now to second guess ourselves. If we had called sooner, yada yada yada. But maybe it was more about the process of trusting God no matter what. Maybe that complex is just not supposed to be for us.
So even though I was hoping that we might have keys to the apartment by the end of the week, I am strangely excited to see what God is going to do now!

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devoted said...

Yes, we walk by faith, not by sight. Can't wait to see what God has up his sleeve for you! Elizabeth