The Bread Machine Saga

A couple of years ago, April introduced me to a great cinnamon roll recipe on allrecipes.com. It makes cinnamon rolls that taste just like the ones you get at the mall, and you can use your breadmaker. Everyone was a huge fan, so I was making quite a few. One of the secrets of this recipe is that you put vanilla pudding mix in the dough.

So one weekend, I decided to make some for our home group. I started the machine and left it to work its magic. When I checked on it later, it had a very very pink tint to it. That's when I realized that instead of vanilla pudding mix, I had put jello in the dough. Oops. I tossed the dough in the garbage, not realizing that the paddle for the machine had come out with the dough and landed in the trash too. It was only a week later when I decided to make another batch that I discovered that the garbage truck had hauled away my paddle.

Thus began an 8-month saga of trying to get a replacement paddle for my bread machine. Since I had purchased it in Holland, my friend Elizabeth ordered me a replacement for me. Which didn't arrive, and didn't arrive. Elizabeth called again, and finally she and I went to pick it up while we were in Holland for staff conference.

After I got home, I gleefully filled the machine with the ingredients for pizza dough. The paddle didn't work. It was slightly too big, and slipped too much to do anything. Sigh. Eventually the bread machine was relegated to the garage.

This week, my friend Nicole emailed a bunch of us to let us know that Lidl, a German supermarket here, would be selling bread machines on Saturday (today) for the great price of 49 euro. From previous experience I know that people line up at Lidl to get their special offers. I didn't think that Spaniards would be too interested in bread makers, being that the crusty baguette is king here. But just to be safe, I decided I should get there early.

I dropped my Dad and Esly at the train, and then drove through billowing white fog to the closest Lidl, not sure what time they opened. I got there at 9:30 to find that there was still a half hour until opening. There were already six people in line. I toyed with the idea of sitting in the car but decided I would brave the cool air and just stand in line.

When the store opened at 9:53, I walked calmly to the back of the store where the "ofertas" are stacked in big bins. Some of the women who were standing in line behind me passed me in the aisle at a good clip. I was pretty surprised to see almost everyone heading right to the breadmakers, and some people were picking up more than one.

I managed to get a machine without having to fight for it. By 10 I was on the way back home. I stopped at the store for cream cheese and vanilla pudding mix.

We've already eaten half the pan.


relevantgirl said...

What a nice, happy ending to a sad sad story!

Happy eating!

devoted said...

I guess this means it's time for another visit. Yum yum! Elizabeth

Anskov said...

That's a great story (even though as a bread baker, I'm morally opposed to bread machines)! Yet one great thing you can do with a bread machine to make bread that doesn't look like it was made in a bread machine is to proceed with the recipe as usual, but after the dough mixes, take it out of the machine and let it rise, then form it into whatever shape loaf you want and let it rise again before baking it off in the oven - that way your bread won't have that goofy shape and a hole in the bottom. Please send me your vanilla pudding bread - I am hungry!

Jenn said...

now that *was* a saga! But with a tasty ending - Yum!!!
Enjoy your buns baby! We don't have a bread machine. I have toyed with the idea of getting one a few times, but always put it off. I do have a friend with a breadmaker - it's almost better than having one of my own, because she does all the work hahahahaha!
maybe I should slip that recipe under her door...;)