Bah Humbug....I mean, "YAY!" and some pics too

I feel very grumpy about the whole apartment thing, so I'll just say we have not heard anything about whether the man will let us rent his apartment without a six-month bank guarantee. It's a long weekend here, and we are busy working on a new web design for Oasis Madrid so it's been good for me to being something creative that takes my mind off stuff.

On a happier note, I have not yet posted about something that thrills my little pea-pickin' heart. Kelly and April Crull are moving back to Madrid, and Kelly will be joining our team again. I cannot begin to describe how right and comfortable that feels. It's also really validating of our leadership that they are willing to sign up for a second round with us. They may be crazy or stupid or something like that, but I'm happy either way.

Not only that, there will be THREE of them! I'm really happy about getting to play auntie/grandma. I'm at the stage where I still like babies, as long as I can use my knack of putting them to sleep and then giving them back to their parents when a) my arm is about to fall off, b)they need changing c) they are turning purple while holding their breath between screams.

Here is a random gathering of photos from our Easter retreat that make me smile.

There are more but I'm too impatient to deal with blogger and photos any more today.

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