Apartment Hunting

We looked at our first apartments in the city today, and now my head is spinning with too many details and difficult decisions.

Our whole reason for moving into the city is to be more accessible to people. But it's really hard to balance the needs of our congregation with our family needs. It makes me irritable that I have to choose not only based on the apartment and how it would be to live there, but on whether people will come to our place without complaining about the commute.

We looked at 2 apartments in a brand-new complex, and to be honest, if it was 3 or 4 blocks in a different direction, we would have snapped one up. The apartment was brand-new, right across the street from a beautiful park, the complex had an indoor and outdoor pool, a gym and we would get a storage room.

The apartment we're going to look at next is probably 20 years older, no pool or any of the other (not sure about storage space) and is exactly the same price. But it's closer to the metro.

I guess we just have to continue to pray and ask God to show us a place that is good for our family and congregation both. And that our nerves don't get completely frayed in the process!

Keep praying for us...

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