Tide Going Out

I begin to feel the tide of stress loosening its grip around my ankles.
The sand doesn't feel like it's sinking out from beneath my feet so quickly.
It's still very early in the evening, but I know that I need to feed my soul and rest my body.

I was pondering, dreaming of God today. Through a friend's blog, I found this site. It ministered to me.

Especially this:

You Catch My Eye

You catch my eye

In the eye of the storm;

You hold ointment appointments

When hell's hornets swarm.

When I find no time for stillness

You tell me there'’s still time;

When my words are clashing symbols,

You are Reason



You are the song that rises

In my soul

The coin that clatters in

My begging bowl

You're a bed of roses on a crowded street;

A peppermint balm to my blistered feet.

You are rich in rest,

When rest is radium-rare.

By cool pools you position me

With passion you petition me;

In fog and smog,

You re-condition my air.

You are the unexpected cheer

That lifts my game

In the vinegar and lemon juice of life

You are champagne

Like honey on the throat to Frank Sinatra,

Like a goat's milk bath to Cleopatra

You surround me to astound me

You soothe and smooth.

You are the stalker

Who is good for me;

The jailer

Who can set me free;

The trap and snare

To bind me into love.

You who have refined me

Come find me

Mind me

By grace grind me

And bind me

Gentle jailer

Into love.

© Gerard Kelly, 2004

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