Stupid Browsers

For the record I just have to say that internet explorer makes me mad! I had my blog banner looking spectacular after considerable time messing with the html. I was very happy with it. Then I told Troy to check it out, which he did. On internet explorer. Where it looked completely wonky.

I always use Mozilla Firefox (I do listen to my computer friends in some things even though I have not bought a Mac) to edit my blog template and it has never even entered my head to check and see how it looks on internet explorer. Sigh.

I have messed with it some more and now it looks more or less OK on both browsers, but nothing like it did before. So this is my disclaimer. If it looks mediocre, it's not my fault!!!


Monaca said...

I use Mozilla and I think it looks pretty hott! :)

Jenn said...

one more reason why everyone needs to use Firefox....

Just for the record - it looked great in Safari as well - but blogger doesn't really like Safari, so I use Firefox just for blogs. Aren't you feeling special now?

Oh, and the world needs to switch to Macs too but thats just the mac-evangelist in me talking. Go about using your inferior PCs and I'll not speak another word about it....free will and all.