I hate doing the limbo

It's getting to be crunch time. It's almost April. That means that major upheaval is about to hit. I need to start calling about apartments. We need to get schooling nailed down. We need to figure out how we are going to get our stuff from here to there. We still need to get rid of a lot more junk.

For the past week I have been unreasonably emotional and crabby. I am irritable and weepy. And I am physically tired beyond belief. Yeah, so part of it is hormones. But that doesn't cover it. I think it's just because there is so much up in the air right now. We don't know for sure about school. I dread calling about apartments only to be told that they require a year bank guarantee.

It's the limbo; I hate this dance. I'd like to be able to fast forward to June, to be packing, but to know where I am moving to. To know what school uniforms I need to buy. Basically, I just want to KNOW something. And right now it feels like I know plenty of nothing!


Stace said...

It sounds like you are stressed out! I wish I could fast forward to June also. I will be moving, in a wedding (week vacation) working a lot of overtime and planning to move again in December to Mexico. I don't think God will fast forward time though! Keep it up! You can do it!

Abril said...

hey heather, as someone who also has been in limbo for over a year, (or is it 4?, guess it depends on how you count!) I just wanted to let you know that we'll be with you in this as much as we can. Give yourself the grace to be moody knowing that it won't last forever (even if it will last awhile) and remember that this is a boundary (ask Troy if you need reminder's for what to do in boundaries) :). Give yourself the space to mourn a little (remember Lisa's "blue" post-29.6.05), remember that at some point and in some way your life will get sorted again, and if you need to run away to the beach and pretend life is "normal" for a little while, you know where to find us!

Heather said...

April, I'll be there tomorrow :) 6 am too early?