Going Public

For awhile now, people have been telling me that I should "go public" with my blog. Right now the only way you can find it is through a link on other pages, or if I give you the address. You wouldn't have found me by clicking on "Next Blog".

I have had my reasons for keeping it that way. By nature I am a private person, and I began this blog mainly for people that KNOW me. But I think that maybe it's time.

One of my biggeset cheerleaders is my friend Mary. I met her several years ago at our staff conference (both of our families are missionaries with CAI). When I first met her, my heart recognized a kindred spirit and so we began developing a friendship over the distance. She has been a huge blessing to me.

Mary is a gifted writer, and she has recently published three books. Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God is a great devotional book that reaches straight into the hearts of women where we feel inadequate in our motherin. Building the Christian Family You Never Had
is an honest and beautiful look at how to parent when your own childhood was less than ideal. And I am dying to read Mary's first novel Watching the Tree Limbs. (I just ordered it, Mary! you'll have to sign it later :) !)

All this to say, that Mary has encouraged me in my writing, which I had left by the fringes of my life for many years.

My hubby is my biggest fan and encourager. Thanks Troy, for believing in me and cheering me on in my writing.

Here goes nothing....or everything...or something.


Troy said...

So glad to hear you're "going public"!

Love you!


bobbie said...

hi heather, thank you for the invitation, and for reading my blog.

i gasped when i saw your banner - i collect cobalt glass and blue and white dishes - and SIMPLICITY has been our watch word for the past year or so too - WOW! can't wait to read your blog!!

thanks for reading mine!

kelly_w said...

can i join your fanclub?

Bob Hudson said...

Hey Heather...glad to read your words of wisdom, heart and courage. Thanks for sharing these with the rest of us.
I'll let Mimi know as well.


relevantgirl said...

You go, public girl. And thanks for the book plugs!