Daft and Dafter: A Post for Sarah

So a couple of weeks ago, Sarah and I made plans to get together one morning after we dropped the kids at school. I thought the plan was to drop her husband off at work and have coffee at the hotel where he works. (Sarah later informed me that this was never HER plan!) Therefore, I left my car at school and hopped in with Sarah and Joaquin. So we drop Joaquin off and Sarah suggests that we just go to her house for coffee instead since I am going to help her pin up some trousers (pants for you non-Brits). Off we go, chatting all the way.

We have a cup of coffee, then a cup of tea. We pin up the trousers. We gab a lot.

When it comes time for me to go, I say goodbye and head outside to my car.

Which is not there.

Laughing my head off, I go back and ring Sarah's doorbell and remind her of the small detail of me and my car not being in the same place.

Thankfully she took me back to school to get it.


Sarah said...

ok : you should always find out what MY plan is before assuming stuff about coffee in posh Hotels

Sarah said...

BTW, which one are you? Daft or Dafter?

Troy said...

Ummm...hon. Remember that time I almost forgot to pick up the car from the train station? The key word here is "almost". I see in this instance you actually forgot.

Let's see...that makes it:

Husband- 1
Wife- 0

philxan said...

Hey Troy! - love and grace and all that! I remember taking the bus to work one morning, knowing that Alice needed to have the car.

I had the keys in my pocket...


Heather said...

Yeah, um about that almost forgot Troy? I recall that if it were not for your wife appearing at the door to greet you in the wee hours of the morning and asking "WHERE IS THE CAR?" you WOULD have forgotten! So I think we're pretty much tied.