New beginnings

Tonight we had the first Oasis Madrid service of the new year. It was great. We were unexpectedly "unplugged" though :) We had our new sound system, but when we got everything set up, we found out that the clever salesman at the music store had sold us the wrong cables for the speakers. So we put it all away again. Funny. In the past that might have stressed us out quite a bit, so it was really refreshing to watch how we all just shrugged it off and had a good laugh about it.

Despite it being a holiday weekend, we had a decent turn-out. And for the first time in history (if memory serves correctly,) the offering was more than the rent. That felt really really great.

We also changed the service from 7 to 6, and I am loving that. Everyone helped clean up, and we left shortly after 8. That means we got home before the kids melted down, and it was early enough to actually cook some dinner for Troy & I to eat while we watch a movie to wind down. Nice. Quite a few people went out afterwards, which we'll do in the future as well. Of course that will be even easier once we move into the city.

Anyway, it was a really good night. I'm off.

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relevantgirl said...

Glad to hear you're off to a good start. Warms my heart.

BTW, you write in such an inviting way, it makes me want to move to your place!