I have too many "hats" to wear. I know I am not the only woman who struggles with this. I always planned on being a "stay-at-home" Mom. Yet I also always planned on being a missionary. I'm not quite sure how I thought those two things were going to fit together very well.

So anyone, here I am, a 37-year old woman, trying to figure out which hat I am supposed to where, and when and for how long.

You know what the list looks like:
Cleaning Lady
Pastor's wife
Daughter (and daughter-in-law)
Administrative Assistant
Computer tech
Leader (of worship, of a community group...)
and it so it goes.

Sometimes it's easy to know what hat to don. When people are coming to dinner and the house is a wreck, I know what I have to do. On Wednesday nights when I get on the train to go into the city, I know I can take off all the other hats and put on the community group leader hat. When the kids are in bed and my hubby and I are cozy on the couch watching a movie, I'm not going to think about updating my budget.

But what happens when it's just before dinner, my daughter just got home from school, the phone rings (a ministry matter) and I still have to meet a deadline for something? Sometimes it's not so easy to figure out which hat to wear.

So I usually end up trying to wear more than one hat at once. I stir the spaghetti sauce, clench the cordless phone between chin and shoulder and try to carry a on a conversation in mime with my daughter. I run up and down the stairs to check email while the water boils. I can be pretty good at multi-tasking. But the trouble with that is that often none of the things I am working on get done very well.

Today, I tried to only wear one hat at a time. At 5:30 when I decided that I should start dinner, I really concentrated on dinner. I like to cook, so I enjoyed the onions and garlic browning with the sausage in olive oil. I snuck some grated carrot and spinach into the spaghetti sauce to get some extra veggies in my kids. I took the time to mix vegetable and whole wheat pasta in the big blue pot. I mixed it all together and melted cheese on top while Troy went for fresh bread. Dinner was a hit. And I didn't check my email once while I was cooking.

Wonder what hat I should wear tomorrow?


Rogier said...

Heather, I can think of a few you missed: fellow blogger, shining example, and much-respected colleague--to name a few. No pressure :-)

Brianna Taylor said...

Hey, just thought I would say hi. I can't believe it has been a year since I left Madrid! I miss you all dearly. The Oasis news is very exciting; I am anticipating God's continued work in Madrid!!!

Jenn said...

right now I'm pulling my hat down so low that I can tune out all the whining....it's my ignore the world hat. I like this hat. It's good for sleeping in. I think I lost my cleaning hat.....and I definitely never had a cooking hat....