A Few Moments of Quiet

I love wireless :) I'm sitting in the darkening living room with the tree lights on and fire bathing me in warmth for my toes and cheer for this dreary afternoon. It is a very dreary day weather-wise. I woke this morning to rain. I was glad to know that I would be snug at home today.

It has been a great day. We "got crackin'," as my hubby likes to say, this morning before Troy headed to the airport to meet Amy, our new intern. It was a perfect day for the menu of potato soup and fresh bread that I had planned. Nothing like the constant drip drip drip of rain to enhance the smell of onions and garlic in butter.

Amy arrived safely, although her bags did not. So instead of taking her stuff to K's apartment where Amy will be living for now, they came straight back here. We shared the big pot of soup (yes Troy, we had enough!) and two crusty loaves of bread from the gas station. Yes, it sounds insane but it's King's Day in Spain and nothing is open. And believe it or not, the gas station has REALLY good bread!

Then we ate traditional "Roscon de Reyes" which is some sort of sweet bread with nasty fruit on top :) Inside there is a tiny Christ child, and also some sort of joke figurine. If you get the Christ child it's very good for you; if you get the joke, you are supposed to pay for the Roscon. Troy got the plastic-wrapped Mickey Mouse in his piece! After that excitement we all collapsed by the fire with our coffee and tried to keep Amy awake. We were successful, but I almost fell asleep myself. Amy kept up with the craziness in our household despite jet-lag; she's obviously going to fit in just fine!

The house is mainly quiet for now, except the swish swish of my industrious husband who is sweeping, and the distant "Mommmeeee" from Nic who is pleading to be let out of his room where I sent him (and Meg to hers.) They need to go back to school before they kill each other or I kill them. :) The dog is pleased about the fire and is sprawled beside me on the couch. Rough life.

We didn't last long at the parade last night; you would have had to be there more than 1 hour early to get a decent vantage point. It was cold and crowded, and more than Nic's attention could bear. So we watched the rest of it from K's apartment. But we enjoyed the walk to and fro and drooled over apartment for rent signs in neighborhoods we can probably not afford.

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