Better Late than Never

I was berating myself for not writing since Tuesday, since Wednesday's post didn't really count. After all, my goal is to write five days a week, but I just decided that even though that would logically seem like Monday-Friday, it doesn't have to be. I love it when I can get off the hook so easily :)

Anyway, Wednesday was, as always a very busy day. Thursday was a glorious day off. I had a nap in the morning after the kids went to school, and had a lazy afternoon. Took a short walk to go rent a movie, ended up not having to do any school runs that day, and had a nice dinner with the family.

Fridays are now my whole day is the city. Troy picks up Nic at 1, so I don't have to come back home until 4 if I have to do school run, or 4:30 if I don't. I had a breakfast mentoring meeting with one of "my girls" and then Kelly, Amy and I had a service planning meeting.

Get this, next weekend we have our first "second monthly" service, and we aren't even going to be here :) All four of us (Troy, Kelly, Amy and I) are going to Geneva for a worship arts conference that CAI is having. I love that 1) our church is relaxed enough that the staff can run off and none of us are uptight and 2) that we have people who will step up to the plate to run things. It's awesome.

After our meeting, we wandered down to J & J's. Kelly and I plan on that being a regular part of our Fridays. I was a good girl and did not buy a single book, not even any from the 2 euro bargain shelf. Wow, that took restraint, although being fairly tight on money was a good motivator :)

I'm really looking forward to Geneva. It will be a great team building time for us, plus it will be a nice little break for Troy & I, plus we will get to see all sorts of people we love dearly. Being with fellow CAI missionaries encourages me like almost nothing else. And then we'll get to see more of them in Lisbon next month. These are huge blessings from God that do me so much good.

So there you go people. I must away.

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