Back to the "grind"

Well, school starts tomorrow. I have to say I'm ready for the kids to be back in school (they are excited too, so I'm not being too mean!) However, I'm not so thrilled about having to get up and get them out the door! Oh well, can't have one without the other.

Today was "get everything back in order" day at our house. We got TONS done. In a strange kind of way, it was a good "Sabbath" because it felt really healthy to put things "right." The Christmas decorations finally got taken down and put away, the living room is all sparkly clean, the kids had haircuts and baths, school coats are all clean, homework is done, backpack and snack packed. We puttered at a leisurely pace, so it didn't feel like work. It was a worshipful kind of day.

It feels good to be starting the week in good shape, with things fairly orderly (still a lot of house left to clean.) I'm sure I won't be so thrilled about it when the alarm goes off in the morning, but oh well!

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Sarah said...

sounds great. not that i could boast the same. planned baths and haircuts too, but it didnt happen. sigh.