My Christmas Cup Runneth Over

What a week! I'm seriously having my ideal Christmas. I have been so relaxed that I've been practically comatose in the evening even though I've planned on blogging every night this week. So I'll give you a recap.

Tuesday was social hang-out day. Friends came for coffee and muffins in the morning; more friends came for Chinese food at lunch. Then I dropped April to get her hair cut and I did the school run. Troy went to Alpha in the city that evening and April and I made an incredibly speedy, efficient trip to Mercadona. I think it took us longer to put the food away than it did to buy it. Then the three of us sat around in the living room with our computers & books and comfortably ignored each other. Come to think of it, I have no idea why I didn't blog that night. Probably because I was very sleepy and regretting that I had told Troy I would pick him up from the train at 11:24.

Wednesday we had some errands to run, including get a trunk-load of firewood. I successfully avoided being stopped by the eleventy-billion cops standing at roundabouts doing random alcohol tests. That evening three of my community group girls came for dinner. The house smelled awesome. April and Meaghan made gingersnaps and peanut butter cookies with chocolate stars in the middle. And we made fettucini with lots of garlic and some awesome fried rice. So many yummy smells.

Yesterday was trying to finish up the shopping in between school run and airport run. We did pretty well. We only have to do one more trip out to the dollar store this afternoon and we're done, just in time to hide in the house and avoid the madness that will be a Saturday Christmas Eve in Spain. The only thing I may venture out for is churros in the morning.

So far this week the household has collectively watched A Christmas Story, The Preacher's Wife, Family Man, the new version of Miracle on 34th Street and
Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean (that one about eleventy billion times.) Tonight it's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, which is apparently a Crull family Christmas tradition. Yes, we love movies! We're saving It's a Wonderful Life for Christmas night.

This morning I went to the grocery store right at 9 to buy the turkey. I came home with an 11 kilo turkey. I have NEVER seen such a big turkey in Spain. Actually, as I loaded it the car, I was very afraid that it would not even fit in the oven. It does, but barely. Think about the turkey that Mr. Bean gets stuck on his head. Oh the leftovers!!!

This morning we went into the city. We walked by the big Christmas display on the back of El Corte Ingles, where the kids got balloon swords from characters like Minne Mouse and Shrek. Then we walked over to the Christmas market in Plaza Mayor to buy a new stable for our Holy Family. We also bought a camel, (Meg pointed out we should buy 3) a hen and rooster. We considered buying a pig but didn't in the end. Meg wanted to know whether there were pigs in the original stable. She's a stickler for Biblical authenticity. Then we went to a cool bakery at Sol and had napolitanas de chocolate and thick cups of hot chocolate. K got her nose pierced.

Now we're home. April is the kitchen whipping up all kinds of Christmasy goodness and there is a 3-way round of V-rally going on. It's hilarious to watch them play.

Other Christmas week moments:

Troy & Kelly playing hours of V-rally on the big screen. Meaghan and Nic are the cheering section. Lexi has been sacked out on the couch most of the week.

Driving around with Troy and have him randomly shout "KINDLING!" when he spots all the tree prunings in dumpsters in our neighborhood. Our car is full of remnants of tree bark and twigs.

Tonight after the kids go to bed we'll have a wrapping session while we watch the movie and eat all kinds of fattening treats.

Tomorrow night friends will join us for bingo, merienda and Polar Express.

This is pretty much my dream Christmas!



Last night I wrote my blog post while we watched a movie. Tonight we're watching A Christmas Story (which I truly detest) for my hubby's sake, because he has been dying to show it to Kelly. I figure it's better to get it out of the way now. In theory I should be able to write a long post, but I am thinking that it sounds like a really good idea to stretch out on the couch with the dog and take an evening snooze.

This morning April and I went to the euro store for stocking stuffers (while Troy played Text Twist.) Then we went to the sushi place at lunch, only to find out that the all you can eat Monday is every
OTHER Monday. Grrrr. In the end we still had so much food that we had to bring some home. Even though it wasn't all you can eat we were still there for 2 hours.

After a quick stop at home we picked Nic up and spent from 4:15 until 7:45 picking up Meg and attending her Christmas program. She sang her little heart out. Nic was bored out of his mind, since it was mainly just singing. In the middle, he was sitting on my lap and I heard him giggling to himself. I asked him what he was laughing at and he said "Mr. Bean!" I said "Where?" thinking he had seen someone that looked like Mr. Bean and he said "At home!" They both love Merry Christmas Mr. Bean and laugh hysterically. Nic asks to watch it every day. OK, the long winter's nap is winning. Snore.



It's Sunday night and we are now officially on vacation. Yipppeeee. I know the next 2 weeks are going to fly by, but I'm hoping to enjoy them to the max, and enter the new year with more energy.

Today was our last Mountainview service. It was good, but kind of a weird experience for us to walk away afterwards. Sure we'll be back again sometime in the future. But the next time they have a service, we won't be there. It's a funny feeling.

April and Kelly arrived yesterday to spend Christmas with us, so I am happy as a clam. You should have seen me on Friday; I was like a grandma on steroids, cleaning like a maniac. I was like the happy Christmas elf. I was cleaning the house, baking muffins for the Christmas service, humming along with the Christmas music. Believe it or not (it's actually not that hard to believe because I'm really out of shape) I was actually sore on Saturday from cleaning. I guess that also tells you how dirty my house was. I still haven't mopped the floors but oh well. Good thing is that Kelly & April are family.

Tomorrow we're doing all-you-can-eat sushi for 10 euro at lunch time. Then we have Meaghan's Christmas program, which seems to be just a gloried Christmas carol sing-along this year. Oh well. As Troy pointed out, she'll still grin and wave at us when she finds us in the audience.

Anyway, no telling how much I will be posting this week. I think I'm going to be fighting with my hubby for my laptop because he is going to want to sit in the living room and play text twist.