OK, it's not really Friday, it's Saturday. I really wanted to blog last night but fell into bed very tired. But yesterday was a good day so I figured better late than never :)

In the morning we had Oasis Madrid office hours here at our house. It was fun. Got a lot done. In the afternoon we moved upstairs by the fire since it was a rainy day. Thank goodness for wireless! Then we went to get Meg at school. She came out all excited about the prospect of decorating the Christmas tree.

We start
ed the process with warm churros & homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. Mmmmmmm. For those of you who have not experienced this, come to Madrid and we'll initiate you! I mean really, decorating a tree is a lot of work, so we had to get our strength up!

We spent the evening decorating and got mostly done. Still have to finish up and clear away the aftermath of boxes. Victoria came over too, as well as Debbie, who needed a place to stay for the weekend. We ended the night with spaghetti for dinner.

Then we feel into bed!



Nothing much to report, but all is well. I'm going to have to figure out how to post on Wednesdays because my day gets so busy that I just don't get to it.

I'm pleased to announce that my desk is clean and my laptop is almost set-up with what I need. I cleaned off my old computer for the kids to use so they were excited about that.

Tomorrow we are having Oasis Madrid office hours here, which I am excited about. It's much more fun to work in community and it feels really good to have Kelly back. Yahoo.

Then after school we are going to put up our Christmas decorations. Normally we do it the weekend after Thanksgiving but since Troy was in Morocco we couldn't do it without him. So tomorrow is the day. I love decorating for Christmas.

We have a fairly busy weekend coming up, but next week will be quiet with public holidays.


All Is Well With the World

Things are good. Kelly is back in Madrid, sitting in my house. Victoria is here, we have a box of Mercadona truffles and we are going to watch a movie. Yahoo.

I am a bit concerned that now that I have a laptop with wireless, I will never ever get my desk cleaned off again! But again, you don't see me running downstairs to the office to start cleaning right now!
That's all for now! I know this hardly qualifies as a post. Maybe tomorrow.



No people, not my age, number of posts. But this will be anti-climactic, I promise.

~I'm hungry; waiting for the frozen pizza to cook.

~My hubby will be home in less than an hour instead of the 1:00 am tomorrow morning arrival time we expected.

~I got my new laptop today so now I can sit on the couch and do this. Tomorrow night I'm building a fire and then I can gloat to anyone that wants to chat with me while I sit by the fire :) Nice eh?

~I had plans of having the house all spiffy for when my hubby got back. But due to the fact that I was pretty much out of the house all day, plus the fact that the cold medicine I took last night did not help me sleep but made me jittery instead so I am knackered, and of course since I have a new gadget to rile up my Grant Gadget genes the house is not so spiffy. Oh well.

~It's pretty cold. Not good because that means the heat is coming on a lot so we'll have to get the gasoil tank filled soon.

~And that my dears, is the end of my brilliance for tonight~