What day is it?

I am feeling disoriented today since it's Friday. It feels more like Monday. Especially since Meg started school today. She had a good day. Even though I was not a together Mom and she didn't have her books when it came to Spanish class. One would think that the price we pay would include Spanish books, but oh no! So Monday morning I must get to the other campus, buy the books, dutifully cover them in plastic and drop them at school.

I did manage to get some groceries in the house, which is a good thing.

Every Friday I like to check out the pictures of the week. It gives me a good feel for what is going on in the world.
Check it out! There are often some really cool photos on there. And that's all I have to say about that.


Home again

This afternoon we left Kelly & April's around 12. Of course the sun came out just about then, and while we dragged all the stuff to the car we could see lots of blue sky and puffy white clouds. It felt very strange leaving them there on the street. I know I am not really old enough for them to be my kids, but I felt kind of like I had just dropped them off at college or something. I didn't like driving away, knowing that they would be rattling around in their beautiful big apartment tonight without us.

After that we began the long drive uphill to Madrid. It was mostly uneventful, punctuated by sporadic rain showers, occasional power plays between trucks toiling slowly uphill, and regular sightings of the big black bull.

The bull Posted by Picasa

We're home now safe and sound. It feels kind of strange, because for the first time in months, we have the house completely to ourselves. Our Ecuadorian friend Ana has moved into a studio in the city, and for the next week, the Cady Hotel is empty. It's very abnormal!

Meg starts school tomorrow, so I'll be plunged back into routine. I am not looking forward to 7:30 breakfast!

The dog was pathetically happy to see us and is sleeping in her bed as happy as a clam.

I am going to bedearly tonight!


Rain, rain, go away

All summer, Spain (or at least Madrid) has been dry as a bone. So we finally snuck in a few days at the beach. And guess what? It's raining. Yesterday morning we went to the beach for a couple of hours, but it was really windy and the red flag got put up. Try giving a 5-year-old a good reason why he cannot go into the water.

We came home for lunch and planned to go back to the beach later but the weather did not improve. Last night we were treated to lightning and thunder and pouring rain. Personally, I enjoyed it. The kids, not so much. We bought them Happy Meals last night to make up for the lack of beach.

This morning we woke to the sound of more rain and more thunder. Again, OK with me. The kids have dealt with it pretty well. For all the adults it's cool. "K" has joined us here today so right now we're all sitting in Kelly and April's enormous kitchen (it's bigger than mine!) The other girls and Troy are playing a loud game of Nertz. Troy is (as usual) bemoaning his losing streak. He's not getting any sympathy. Kelly and I, the computer nerds, (neither of us are big game players) are sitting here with the Macs. Wireless is so much fun! I gotta get me some of that. April also treated us to homemade cinnamon rolls. It's been a good day.

Tonight we are going to have Pizza Hut which makes me very happy. They closed the Pizza Hut near our house so we never get it anymore.
The best of Castellon....hearing church bells ring. The worst....DRIVING through a maze of horrible small, one-way streets.

OK, Troy won a hand.

Kelly is talking to his Mac and it is answering him. I'm very afraid.

And that is the end of my random rambling.


Castellon de la Plana

I'm happy to report that we arrived at Kelly & April's without too much stress. We did end up driving through two parking garages trying to find our way to their apartment up and down tiny one-way streets. But in the end, we got here safe and sound. After exploring their huge amazing apartment (accompanied with appropriate sounds of awe) and a late lunch, we spent a couple of hours at the beach. It was windy and wonderful. The kids never stopped; in and out of the waves, a sand castle here, frisbee throwing there.

We did have one coffee exploding incident that has left the kitchen ceiling permanently marked, but it was a small price to pay for a great day.

Oh yeah, listening to the conversation in the kitchen while I write this; one other down side of this vacation is that the punsters Kelly and Troy are reunited and in full swing. Let the eye-rolling begin!


Last Fling of Summer

Tomorrow morning we're off to the beach! Our friends Kelly & April recently deserted us and moved to the coast of Spain. They might have thought they were getting away...but just over a week after they moved into their huge new apartment, the Cady family will descend on them for a few days of fun in the sun. Nothing like being able to mooch off your friends and get a basically free vacation! Not only that, they have taken care of our kids enough to have already stocked up on the basics of life. Things like oatmeal, cereal, tuna, peanut butter and yogurt!

Tonight I talked to April on Skype about how to get to their place. April knows how much I hate to drive in cities (like huge Madrid, where the drivers are aggressive and the lanes about 2 inches wider than your car.) She asked me how I felt about driving around one-way streets looking for an open road to get to their new place. I was relaxed and confident. I'll let you know in my next entry if I arrived that way!

So tomorrow we'll be at the vet when they open so we can drop off Lexi the trouble Beagle, and we'll be on our way. We'll come back on Thursday afternoon so we can be ready for Meg to start school on Friday. (OK, who starts school on a Friday?) The house is actually in good shape. We did a massive toy and junk purge, and we are fairly free (for the moment) of Nic's notorious collections that pop up all over the house. The school clothes are clean, the backpack is packed.

I am so looking forward to baking in the sun for a few hours.