Queen of Hospitality

Hospitality is one of my "things." I love having people in our home and hospitality even shows up on my spiritual gifts test. Mind you, once you have been in my house for about 10 minutes you cease to be a guest and become family! You will not find much entertaining in our house. You'll mostly be handed dishes to put on the table, or take off the table, or to wash, etc. You get the picture!

A couple of weeks ago I realized that perhaps I had a little too much on my plate. By Friday, my pace was almost more than my short little legs could keep up with. The day including picking worship songs, having a worship rehearsal, cleaning the house for CAI board members who were arriving, planning meals, grocery shopping, several trips to and from the train, a bunch of people in the house working on Godly Play materials, etc. In addition to the board member and his wife who would be staying in our room, we also had Kelly and Victoria spending the night, plus Ana, our longer-term lodger. Nic was bunking in with Meg, the girls were in Nic's room and Troy & I were upstairs in the attic.

I felt pretty good about things. I got my songs picked, had a good rehearsal, got the house clean (ish), got the pumpkin cooking for soup for dinner, went to the airport and picked up the board member and got them back home. We had a nice dinner together and everyone was happy. By 10 I was knackered (to use my British vocabulary) so I went to bed.

The next morning, I went downstairs to check on the laundry situation. I was slightly puzzled because I had washed the dog's bedding from her kennel and put it in the dryer the night before. When I checked the dryer, only one of the things was in there. I checked around, asked Troy if he had seen it and was in general scratching my head. I went about my business and a gradual horrifying awareness came over me. I remembered that I had indeed put sheets and towels in Nic's room for the girls. However, I never put the extra duvet in there. All became clear in that instant...one of the girls was forced to use the dog's blanket!

Horrors. This was a black mark on my hospitality reputation, but all I could do was shake my head and laugh.

When the girls came down to breakfast, I found out that Kelly had gone looking for bedding rather than wake me up (she's such a good friend!) and had discovered the pink blanket in the dryer. It was at one time a people blanket and it was warm and sweet-smelling so Victoria was perfectly happy to sleep under it. Kelly had planned to put the blanket BACK in the dryer in the morning before I realized the atrocity I had committed. (Nice idea K, but when do you ever get up before me? :) )

Sigh. I think I still owe Victoria chocolate for that one.

At present count we have 5 extra people in our house. Thankfully they all have proper bedding. Whew!