More Saga

Yesterday I felt about 100 years old. I was so tired I took a nap after lunch. It was one of those naps where you dream and drool on the pillow. Lovely image eh? I was supposed to go into the city last night for a worship evening at the 24/7 prayer room but I just could not face getting on the train and going. So I stayed home with my family. Good choice.

I suppose I need to share a bit more of the continuing saga. For those of you who count words I'll be brief. And no ratings please! And yes, I will use sarcasm. (How are those for disclaimers? You know who you are!)

Yesterday was five weeks after I ordered the ADSL line from Company B. I called them and they were completely clueless. They did not seem to know the original date that I signed up and they could not tell me where my ADSL pack might be. They were quite bewildered about it. I have to say, this did nothing to make me feel good about their service!

Then I did the unthinkable. I called the "BIG" telephone company in Spain which held the monopoly for so long. I truly do not like them, nor do I trust them much. And I really would rather give the new little guys my business. However, I got immediate (and I'm talking IMMEDIATE) help from their customer service. Thankfully, since I don't actually HAVE the ADSL pack from Company B, my line was miraculously clear. So I signed up. They promised I would be online in no more than 20 days, and I also get free local calls. I have a little more hope now because someone I know actually did get their router from this company fairly quickly.

I cannot believe I willingly agreed to wait for up to 20 more days. At this point I am feeling a little battered by this whole process. I wanted to sit down in a corner and suck my thumb (something I gave up years ago) and do a little sniveling.

The worst thing is that we still will probably not be back online before we go to Portugal, and I don't feel good about leaving our angelic child minders without access. I'm going to have to give them a blank check for dialup!

Nothing is simple these days. It's scary to think that I am actually looking forward to the 7-hour bus ride we'll be taking to Portugal!


Restoration at the hand of my Shepherd

My husband laughs at me because my blog is often about in his words "how pathetic my life is." Well, you know, if you don't laugh about those days, you cry. Anyway, today was a cozy day so I thought maybe I should write about THAT! And to be honest, writing is sort of like eating sushi for me. The more I do it, the more I crave it. After posting yesterday I really wanted to be able to write something more today.

Lest you think the day is TOO cozy, we'll see how well this goes. Troy is out to another community group and the dog is driving me crazy and I'm sort of trying to help Meg with her homework while I write this. Nic is actually being very helpful and putting all the dog's food back in her bowl. I don't know what it is with her, but she loves to paw her bowl so the food flies all over. Perhaps it's a Beagle hunting thing.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about how NICE the day has been. So we'll skip the present.

We woke up to a rainy morning, which was actually very nice. It has not really rained since the end of October so we needed the moisture and I didn't mind the change from the sunny blue skies we have been enjoying. We had home group today, so I made a huge pot of soup for lunch. It was a peaceful morning. Even had time for a second cup of coffee with my husband. Especially good since he will not be home until after the kids are in bed.

On my way to pick up Matt 2 (we have had a procession of British Matts in our church so we number them now :) ) at the train I stopped and got a bag of firewood. Sam and Troy went down and got 4 loaves of hot crusty bread and we sat around the table with our big pot of soup, bread & butter and hot tea. The fire was cheery and as always, the warmth of our group soothed me.

We are currently doing a study on the "Top Ten Chapters of the Bible" and today was Psalm 23. As we were going through it, it started pelting down rain and there were even a few good thunder peals (I love thunder and lightning.) After awhile it turned to snow and it was coming down fast and furious, with some more thunder thrown in. It was beautiful. There was something amazing about the wonderful combination of simple hearty food, friendship, the fire, the pastoral images of Psalm 23, and the coziness of the contrast between the warmth inside and the cold but gorgeous snow outside. The title I had come up with for Psalm 23 was "Restoration at the hand of my Shepherd."

And it totally fit the day. Even now, it's peaceful. The dog curled up and went to sleep in her bed, Meg is diligently working on homework after having tried the "this will make me too tired" speech on Mom and find it didn't work AGAIN. Nic has gone off on some important 5-year old quest which probably involves collecting bits and pieces of random things from all over the house and putting them in some bag.

He restores my soul.

Maybe tomorrow the ADSL pack will come. I may throw my arms around the delivery man.