Last night I wrote my blog post while we watched a movie. Tonight we're watching A Christmas Story (which I truly detest) for my hubby's sake, because he has been dying to show it to Kelly. I figure it's better to get it out of the way now. In theory I should be able to write a long post, but I am thinking that it sounds like a really good idea to stretch out on the couch with the dog and take an evening snooze.

This morning April and I went to the euro store for stocking stuffers (while Troy played Text Twist.) Then we went to the sushi place at lunch, only to find out that the all you can eat Monday is every
OTHER Monday. Grrrr. In the end we still had so much food that we had to bring some home. Even though it wasn't all you can eat we were still there for 2 hours.

After a quick stop at home we picked Nic up and spent from 4:15 until 7:45 picking up Meg and attending her Christmas program. She sang her little heart out. Nic was bored out of his mind, since it was mainly just singing. In the middle, he was sitting on my lap and I heard him giggling to himself. I asked him what he was laughing at and he said "Mr. Bean!" I said "Where?" thinking he had seen someone that looked like Mr. Bean and he said "At home!" They both love Merry Christmas Mr. Bean and laugh hysterically. Nic asks to watch it every day. OK, the long winter's nap is winning. Snore.


Jenn said...

How can you not like A Christmas Story? Little Ralphie is priceless! Then again, a nap sounds good too.....

relevantgirl said...

Ok, what is text twist?

Anskov said...

I like Christmas Story but only to a point. The kids are hysterical, but my problems with it are as follows:
-the narrator has an annoying voice
-the mom's perm hair looks anything but 1940s
-Overall, it doesn't remind me of the 40s but the 80s

Other than that, I think it's very funny (but I can't watch it every year)

Merry Christmas, Junebug (I wish Spain was on the way to Japan, but I'll be traveling on the other side of the globe). Say hi to Troy