The Weekend

It has been a great weekend. Saturday started with a much better feeling than Friday night, that's for sure. Everyone was in a good mood on Saturday because Daddy was coming home. We got in the car and put in Harry Connick Jr.'s Harry for the Holidays and headed for the airport. Everything is just better when Dad's at home! We enjoyed our afternoon together, and today has been great too. We puttered around all morning and then a few friends came over for lunch and Christmas movies. We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life while we ate lunch and pumpkin pie by the fire. A great afternoon! Later on we read some books; basically we've just been hanging out by the fire with friends all day.

I had to run someone to their babysitting job, and the sunset was glorious tonight. As I was arriving back home the sky was dusky deep rose with black lace trees and the outlines of mountains against the night. Beautiful.

I find myself sitting in my darkened room again with a sick kid; this time the other one. Meg had a headache earlier this afternoon. She went to bed but then called us later to say she didn't feel well. She had the chills for awhile and couldn't stop shaking. I think she is asleep now as I write this. We'll see what happens as the night wears on. I hope she's OK in the morning.
Hope you all had a great weekend too!


cm said...

puttered around??? I always thought it was pOttered !!!!

Heather said...

Not in my house! We putter!