Sunday night at the (mental) races

When I used to have a non-ministry job (one that required me showing up somewhere in the morning and staying until the end of the afternoon) I used to get the "Sunday night blues." With some of my jobs the blues were worse than others. I would get downright whiny about having to go to work the next day. It wasn't pretty.

Now that we're in ministry, I don't really get those blues anymore (there are new and different blues to enjoy!) but my brain does go into administrative over-drive as I try and prepare for the week ahead. It usually happens late on Sunday night, after I get in bed. I start to think of everything I need to get done during the week, and trying to remember everything. You know the story. It's crazy! Often I end up staring at the ceiling, wide awake and more often than not, worried about things. Like needing to take Meaghan and Nic to the dentist (Meg needs braces, Nic has a doozy of a cavity.) Like finding a new place to live in the city and all the unknowns of that. And a million other things. So I don't get enough sleep, and I end up dragging on Mondays. I really need to break this cycle!

Last night I was awake really late because I was waiting to see if Meg's fever was going to break. It was really high and I didn't want to go to sleep until it seemed to be coming down. And then I got annoyed because I had arranged to walk with Sarah this morning, and it never fails that as soon as I try to get organized and actually get off my butt and do some exercise, things happen. Like high fevers keeping me up at night so I don't get enough sleep and wake up dragging and don't want to walk.

But this morning, I did it anyway! I got my butt out of bed, went to meet Sarah, and went for a walk. So there.

I spent most of the rest of the day sitting on my bed again hanging out with Meg, but I did get a little done!


kelly_w said...

congratulations for getting up and walking anyway! you're a brave woman...it was early AND cold!

i do the sunday night thing too. somehow every sunday night my mind suddenly decides that everything that needs to happen in the next 6 months now needs to happen before i will sleep. nice to know i'm in good company.

Monaca said...

I am very proud of you for walking...