Nerd Alert

Don't worry; it's not you, it's me. Because I am sitting in bed with my laptop having an im discussion with Kelly, who is downstairs in my living room. :) Whaaaaaaaaat? I was cold, it is past my bedtime and the dog was whining. So I came up to crawl into bed and I am going to shut down in about 2 minutes. But I had to see if Kelly could hear the annoying techno music someone is playing out behind our house. It's a long weekend, so the young uns are out in party force tonight even though it is pretty dang cold out there.

The moon is out, and it looks exactly like the end of a girl's fingernail when it's just sort of long and pretty and then gets torn off in an annoying sort of ripped way.

I am grateful that my hubby is in France with Patrick and Scott because he deserves this chance to rest, be encouraged and restored.

I had a great time with "my girls" tonight. I love seeing their artwork. Next week I'm going to take pictures. We decided that we are watching Christmas movies at our house on Sunday afternoon. And that we are going to watch It's A Wonderful Life no matter how much Troy lobbies for A Christmas Story.

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kelly_w said...

yeah, I think this does make us officially nerds. Or maybe it's just that there's no use trying to sleep when that music is still going on. At least it could be decent music.

And only in Spain could you say "It's a long weekend" on a Wednesday night.