"God Night" at the Cadys

One of the girls in our church, Victoria, meets weekly with a group of her seeking friends to study the Bible. Recently they got into some topics that Toria felt a little out of her depth with, so she asked Troy to meet with her group. So tonight we invited them over for a "fireside" chat, some comfort food and at this time of year, Christmas decorations.

Troy and I are a really good team in this area. We love to open our home, and we've grown into a comfortable and rewarding hospitality posture (after outgrowing the "entertaining" stage.) Tonight I made a big pot of soup, Troy lit the fire, and our family welcomed Victoria and five of her friends into our home. Once the hospitality part is done, I disappear to put kids to bed and because I am not good at the cerebral part. I am much more a heart person, but I recognize that the questions these girls are asking are crucial. And Troy is really great at helping people understand this kind of stuff.

It has been a great day. We had our last Crosscurrent group meeting. This has been an amazing eight-week experience for me. Never have I been so eager to have an oily forehead! :) Each Sunday morning, the three other women in my group gave me a safe place to share myself. They prayed with me and over me, and they anointed me with oil. Every Sunday I weep, but they are good tears; healing tears. And I come home really hesitant to wash my face.

After our meeting we shared lunch that we all contributed to. Then we came home and took a nap before we got up to get ready for the girls to
come over. They came bearing bread to go with the soup, some home-made biscuits and a candy-cane for each of the kids. In return they got goodnight hugs from Nic.

It will be a quiet week around here, which I relish. The kids will only go to school tomorrow (it's one of those weeks where there are a bizarre number of holidays.) On Wednesday Troy is going to France for some much needed R&R with two great men who also serve with Christian Associates. I know that it is going to do him a world of good.

I'm going to get some work done as well as just spend some good time with the kids. I know they will be sad that Daddy is going to be out of town again, so we'll have to have some fun to make up for it.

My friend Mary (wife of one of the men Troy will be hanging out with) tagged me to do the "Sevens" so I guess I have to use my noggin and do that tomorrow :)

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Victoria said...

its really good to know i have a place to bring everyone i know to get fed and taught. thanks to both of you. i think my friends had a good time... ive never seen them so quiet on their way home before- and i dont know what that means.