OK, it's not really Friday, it's Saturday. I really wanted to blog last night but fell into bed very tired. But yesterday was a good day so I figured better late than never :)

In the morning we had Oasis Madrid office hours here at our house. It was fun. Got a lot done. In the afternoon we moved upstairs by the fire since it was a rainy day. Thank goodness for wireless! Then we went to get Meg at school. She came out all excited about the prospect of decorating the Christmas tree.

We start
ed the process with warm churros & homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. Mmmmmmm. For those of you who have not experienced this, come to Madrid and we'll initiate you! I mean really, decorating a tree is a lot of work, so we had to get our strength up!

We spent the evening decorating and got mostly done. Still have to finish up and clear away the aftermath of boxes. Victoria came over too, as well as Debbie, who needed a place to stay for the weekend. We ended the night with spaghetti for dinner.

Then we feel into bed!

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Monaca said...

I have been to Madrid twice now and I have yet to experience warm churros... I feel so out of the loop--I haven't been initiated :(