The Economy of Christmas

When I was a kid (a missionary kid) the bounty of Christmas always depended on the checks that good-hearted people sent us. Christmas was always beautiful and meaningful in our home. I think that's why I still love Christmas so much.

Today we got a Christmas check in the mail. Earlier in the day, Troy asked me what the "Christmas budget" was. I told him that after payday next week I needed to sit down and take stock and I would let him know :) When I opened the check I said "Here's our Christmas money!"

Then I checked our Spanish bank balance and found out that (as usual) they have paid the telephone bill without me knowing so that now I owe the bank all but 30 euro of the Christmas check. Bah humbug!

Finally got our Christmas letter finished today. Hooray! I can cross that off my to-do list.


cm said...

glad you enjoy Christmas properly. btw, love the new pic!

Monaca said...

2 things - 1)i love your new pic and 2)i'm still waiting for your sevens!