Domestic Bliss

Today is our day off, and it's been a great day. This morning Troy and I went into Madrid and met Kelly for a quick breakfast and then a gander at the Christmas market in Plaza Mayor. It's an interesting mix of Christmas ornaments, everything you need to build a huge, complex Nativity scene (see photo) and funny wigs, hats and gag gifts. Not quite sure why it's all there together, but it's definitely a part of Christmas in Madrid.

This afternoon we had a nap, then went to get Meg and go to the "euro" store to get stuff for the Christmas shoebox we put together. This is the first year her school has done that, and I was happy they started it. I think it's great for kids to learn to give instead of always thinking about what they are getting. Nic definitely needed to learn that lesson as he walked around the euro store asking for stuff for him!

Then we came home and I made pasta (animal tricolor noodles for the kids, spinach and cheese tortellini for Troy & I) with mushroom, onion & sauasage red sauce and a fresh loaf of crusty bread. Then we turned on the Christmas tree lights and sat and ate in the living room while we watched the new version of Miracle on 34th Street.


Abril said...

little info (i'm always good for some of that right :) ). The wigs and joke stuff is because December 28 in Spain is the same as April 1st in the US. In other words, the day of practical jokes - I can't remember why it is that day, but something to do with some saint I think.

see you tomorrow!

Monaca said...

hrmm... i miss getting square meal. everytime you write about food i get incredibly hungry!