We should be in the funny papers

I had just started writing a post which I will finish after this when the phone rang. I turned around to answer (I have a phone right behind my computer) and saw by the number that it was my friend Sarah.

So I answered.
"Cheeky Madam!" (It's her nickname. I don't feel bad, because she calls me CC, short for Canadian Cow. You see where she gets her nickname?)

Small pause. "OH!"

Hysterical laugher from me. "Who did you mean to call then?"

More laughter.
I warned her I was going to blog about it. She pleaded and begged me not to, but I resisted.



The scatty one said...

LOL, .... How can I get you back for this one????? and... How rude am I???? - (rhetorical question)

the same scatty cm one said...


The woman with the biscuit packet Bethlehem said...

Just in case you didnt know who the scatty one was....

Heather said...

Oy! Snort as in snorty laugh. Do I have to spell everything out?

You might want to define scatty for my American readers :)

Good one about the biscuit Bethlehem. That made me laugh (and snort) out loud. Maybe I should call you BBCM from now on.

BB....... said...

OK, Scatty = absent minded
Not sure about the new nick name tho, sounds a bit like TV ... (groan).... plus its too many letters...... although I could pretend they mean something cool... like British Beauty .....(obviously) (you can make up the rest....)

record straightener said...

couple of points for readers of this blog who may get the wrong idea about my character:
1 - I did not beg and plead.
2 - Heather called me cheeky, WAY before I called her a cow.

Heather said...

Begging and pleading was only a slight exaageration.

She was BORN cheeky; I have never been a cow. She only called me that because I cleaned my room!