Waiting for Brewster

This is Max, the pug. For the past few years he has been Nic's best little buddy. Nic called him "Baby Max." Alas, he's been lost! Although I have the feeling that he is somewhere in the house, we have looked high and low with no luck. Nic has taken it better than I expected, but that's mainly because he has a stand-in for Baby Max; a small monkey. But it's just not the same.

Meg has a little dog like this named Buddy, and with her I was wise enough to buy a couple of replacements so that when Buddy got lost it would not be the end of the world. She is now down to the last Buddy. But with Nic, I only bought one and he has done pretty well. Until now.

Problem is, when I went online to order another Max, I found out that Max (gasp!) has been discontinued. I could still get one from a place in England, but frankly they are charging more than I am willing to pay! So I got Nic to pick a new dog.

Meet Brewster: He's cute huh? He actually reminds me a lot of Nic! Yesterday Nic picked Brewster online and we ordered him, to be sent to Kelly in the US so she can bring him back. I explained to Nic that it will be awhile (17 day) before Brewster arrives.

Today when our friend Ana arrived, Nic asked if she was bringing him Brewster. So again, we went through the explanation that KELLY was bringing Brewster and that he had to wait 17 days before she came. He said "I KNOW!" Uh huh.

It may be a really long 17 days!

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