Rainy Days and Mondays....don't always get me down but there are moments of annoyance

Most of today has been good, even though it has been rainy all day. There was about an hour of general crabbiness though, between 5:30 and 6:30.

I came home from doing the school run feeling crabby, Meg came home dejected and Nic was mopey. I was crabby because my daughter didn't listen to me when I asked her to do/not do something several times in the car on the way home. And because some random woman pulled up beside me, honked and gesticulated wildly for some unknown reason. I have NO clue what she was mad about but that kind of stuff gets under my skin. And because once again Meg came home without her teacher diary or her spelling book, and with no idea of what the homework she is supposed to do tonight is. So I was "cross."

Meg was then dejected because I was "cross" about the car behavior and the leaving important things at school and Nic was mopey because he wasn't winning on his computer game. Sheesh!

Peace is restored now. It's still raining steadily outside. The kids are in bed, I have eaten my Monday night sushi and talked to Kelly on skype. (She will be home in Madrid on November 29 so we are all happy happy happy!)

Before Meg went to bed tonight I started reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to her. I'm glad she is old enough to share these books (which I still read at least once a year) with.

And even though it's been fairly rainy, I'm glad about it. We have needed it so much, and it makes for lots of cozy days inside by the fire.

It's 8:51 but I am headed to bed in my flannel pajamas to read a bit and wait for a phone call from my kindred spirit Mati.

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