Nothing Deep

Don't have anything earth-shattering to report, but need to get back into my routine. I think we are mostly over the flu, but my brain is still a bit sluggish. "Ford" now has a new battery and we'll be backing into the downhill garage from now on!

Memorable quote from Nic in response to a shorter hair-cut I gave him on Saturday "But I don't want to be that boy!" It's not as buzzed as I used to do it, but it's still short. I don't know if he associated his shorn head from when he was younger, or what. He burst into tears and buried his head in my shoulder. Nice guilt trip. Anyway, after plenty of ooohing and aaahing from Dad and Meg, he is happy with it now. I think it'll look even better when it grows out a bit longer. Just thought it was time for a change from the "bowl" haircut.

With hair and teeth! Posted by Picasa

No hair, no teeth, dirty face! Posted by Picasa

I think he's pretty cute either way :)!

Other than that, I have a billion little detaily things to do and I am having a hard time finding the concentration/energy to do them!


kelly_w said...

Nice cut, Heather. I heard you cut yours, too. Where's that pic?


cm said...

Nice quote! I keep a notebook of funny sayings from the boys and their friends, I think they will laugh at them when they are older.

Jenn said...

I like the new haircut - That's pretty much how I keep my boys hair too - otherwise it gets pretty wild (they do NOT have straight hair at all!). Nic seems so young to be losing his teeth already! Cute as a button though!

Jenn said...

i like the new haircut! I keep my boys hair super short too - mostly because If I don't, it will go in every which direction - it doesn't lay nice and flat like Nicks....
He looks adorable with the missing front teeth!

Abril said...

I like the way it turned out. Maybe you can tell him he looks more like his dad now and he'll like it better. The quote is hilarious though - although I'm sure it wasn't at the time :(