Long Time Coming

I have had a secret since August that I have not been able to write about here. (No, I am not pregnant!) Now that I can, I am not sure even where to begin. There are probably pages in my head that will need to come out eventually, so you will have to bear with me if I wander a bit over the next few days.

So here it is: As of January 1, Troy and I will be taking Oasis (the city group/congregation that has developed since we moved to Madrid to plant Mountainview) and leading a team to turn it from a "ministry" to a full-fledged city church. Oasis Madrid. Whew!

Even though it's good and exciting news, we needed to make sure that the news was handled well and that it came from all of us on the Mountainview team in the right way. So that's why I have not breathed a word about it here. Over the past couple of weeks, we told people in the church about this awesome multiplication of God's kingdom in Madrid. And this past Sunday, both couples (the Wallaces and us) were commissioned into our new roles. At the Christmas service on December 18, we'll be celebrating the birth of two churches.

Troy and I are really pumped to be heading into this new direction. Kelly Wills will be joining us on this adventure, and we're all really excited to see what God is going to do!

Even though the past months have not really been stressful, the emotional impact has really packed a wallop on both of us. I don't think I have ever been so mentally or emotionally tired; like I need a long winters hibernation. But we feel good at the same time. Strange place to be.

Anyway, I'll be writing lots more about this, but just wanted to get this out there. It feels great to be able to talk about it finally!


A little minger... said...

Though Im not officially in the Mview staff, though to some minor Chem E degree, . ;)... Count me in for this cool adventure! Im excited too!! Yeah!
My prayer and joy is to have you as my pastors, mentors, friends... and breakfast givers... Maybe should change the order

Mike Clawson said...

Congrats guys! That's so great!

Well done.