Let's Review, Shall We?

I asked my friend Bec if it was vain to post a pictorial review of my life in honor of my 37th birthday. We concluded that if I posted bad pictures to balance good pictures then it would be acceptable. Enjoy!

My very smart Mom delivered the firstborn and only female grandchild on her mother-in-law's birthday.

See, I can't help it. I started making funny faces at a young age.

Daddy's Girl!

Me & Mom

Girl in Boots (you notice most of the photos are when I'm small...they are the cutest!)

Then I had a baby brother, Scott.

Bad haircut, freckles & toothless

Spectacled, braces and horrible 70's clothes. When I had to get braces and glasses I wailed to my Mom "If I get any more spare parts, I'll be the tin soldier!"

Bad hair for graduation

Proof that I was really skinny once!

In college and still making silly faces

A husband

A daughter

A son

A family

I think I'm going to like being 37.

Thank you Lord for 37 years.


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Heather - Lovely Walkthrough of your life in pictures :)

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday girlfriend....oh and we had a chat this morning and I didn't even realize it was your birthday!! You should have said! Oh well....hope you had a good day and the kids behaved for you. I loved the gallery of your life. So fun to see.
Love Sophie

cm said...

smiling. hope you had a good day.

cm said...

you know, I had that 70s page boy haircut too, hhmmmmm, glad thats over.

Anskov said...

Happy Birthday, Junebug (a few days late)! I hope it was splendid. Also thanks for the great pics you posted.

devoted said...

Hoping you had a great belated birthday celebration upon Troy's homecoming. Nice present by the way, your very own laptop. Enjoy and we'll chat soon. Love ya, Elizabeth