Happy Thanksgiving

It certainly hasn't been a traditional Thanksgiving in our house. Troy is in Morocco, and we had our celebration with about 30 other people last Saturday. Today I had a hard time imagining that it was a day when lots of our friends were gathered around their Thanksgiving table.

It's been a good day though. By 7:15 I was in my jammies and new fuzzy robe that I bought today with birthday money (Thanks Dad!) It's long, fleecy, zippered, hooded and has 2 big pockets. My dream robe!

The grocery man came to deliver the food I ordered online. I love online grocery shopping!

Earlier today I went to a mall in Madrid with my friend Karen. It's must more fun to spread out birthday celebrating to a couple of days at least! Tomorrow I will be treated like a queen; coffee with a friend in the morning, lunch with another friend at my favorite restaurant in Madrid and then cheese fondue at my house in the evening with a few friends.

I've gotten a couple of funny ecards which made me laugh.

Only bummer is that I have the sniffles and feel like I could be coming down with a full-blown cold, which I desperately want to avoid. So that's why I was in my robe by 7:15! The kids are in bed, and as soon as the load of school clothes is done washing, I'm taking some cold medicine and crawling into bed.

But all in all, I am thankful
for a husband who loves God and runs passionately after Him
for two amazing kids who brighten my life with their love
for our families, all far away but close in our hearts
for friends who love me, challenge me to grow, share their hearts with me
for a community of faith here in Madrid that shows promise of growing into the church I have been waiting for my whole life
for Jesus, the reason for it all

Happy Thanksgiving!


cm said...

hmmm, online grocery shopping, sounds like a luxury I should try.

cm said...

grrr!! just checked Mercadona and an annoying little note popped up on the screen "no hacemos entrega en su código postal". just my luck!! trust you to be a lucky cow