Beauty in Action

Tonight I went into the city for my community group. I am really enjoying this new ministry. Since all the members are girls, mostly quite a bit younger than me, I feel like it's a great place for me to be able to use my gifts of mentoring and hospitality. And it's lots of fun too!

For the next five weeks we are going to be doing Godly Play which is an awesome program that was developed for kids. But it works great with adults too. Tonight I did the story on the Holy Family, which is basically the story of the birth of Jesus. After the story, there is a response time. I sat on the couch, and after I had written my response, I just watched these young women respond to God. Many of them did arty stuff with pastels, and I really wished I had taken my camera so I could post photos here. The results were beautiful and as unique as each of them. I felt really privileged to be part of their lives and spiritual journey.

My two favorite parts of the story are these:
About the message the angels brought to the shepherds in the field "Run. Hurry. Go to Bethlehem. Something has happened there that changes everything."
And about the Christ Child: "Here is the little baby reaching out to give you a hug. He grew up to be a man and died on the cross. That is very sad, but it is also wonderful, in an Easter kind of way."

Here is my response...a poem from Mary's perspective. Not by best but who cares? :)

Aching back
Struggling to breathe
Can't walk or ride
and be comfortable.

So late now,
And dark.
Don't know where
We'll sleep tonight.

Somehow I know
it's tonight.
it's soon.
It takes my breathe away
Because I'm scared
and because
I can feel it
Out and down.

I can feel his eyes
Anxious and wide.
I turn to smile.

Dear God,
Don't leave us alone out here,
Under the night sky
With this impending, frightening


bbcm said...

Love that last line:
"impending, frightening

Abril said...

i'm really glad you get to do this - all of it, the community group, Godly Play, poetry - i feel like its a really great combination for you. way to go!