No people, not my age, number of posts. But this will be anti-climactic, I promise.

~I'm hungry; waiting for the frozen pizza to cook.

~My hubby will be home in less than an hour instead of the 1:00 am tomorrow morning arrival time we expected.

~I got my new laptop today so now I can sit on the couch and do this. Tomorrow night I'm building a fire and then I can gloat to anyone that wants to chat with me while I sit by the fire :) Nice eh?

~I had plans of having the house all spiffy for when my hubby got back. But due to the fact that I was pretty much out of the house all day, plus the fact that the cold medicine I took last night did not help me sleep but made me jittery instead so I am knackered, and of course since I have a new gadget to rile up my Grant Gadget genes the house is not so spiffy. Oh well.

~It's pretty cold. Not good because that means the heat is coming on a lot so we'll have to get the gasoil tank filled soon.

~And that my dears, is the end of my brilliance for tonight~

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