You Gotta Love Skype

If you don't have Skype, you really should get it. It's so cool. Tonight in the span of an hour, I talked to (and laughed with) Mary in France, Paula in California, and chatted for a minute with Stefan in Munster. (I can't do those little dot things over the u!) How cool is that?

I know I owe you the next installment of my journey to Ecuador, but I am also having a conversation on yahoo with my Dad in Dallas about a laptop. And when I am done with that I'm going to bed! We have three houseguests for the next two nights, 2 more coming Saturday-Tuesday and three more coming Monday-Wednesday. Yes, the Cady Hotel is fully booked. So I'm happy, but I'm tired.

I'm so glad tomorrow is my day off! We're going to go buy a trunk-load of firewood so we can start building roaring fires to cozy up to. Come on over!


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Yes, Skype rocks!! It was fun to hear your voice, Miss Heather!