This is Probably Not the Post You Were Waiting For

It's Monday night, which means Troy is out, so therefore sushi and time to myself. I had planned to write a witty little post about the comedy that was me getting ready to go to Ecuador. Not so much. Instead, I am feeling disgruntled and fed up.

Why, you ask?

1. I have spent an INSANE amount of time trying to find a toner cartridge for our laser printer. When we bought the new printer this summer, we compared prices of the cartridges at the same time so to make a wise choice. Ha. We have gone to the store where we bought the printer at least 3 times and each time they have been out of the cartridge. When we priced it an another store, (Office Depot, which is now going out of business in Spain, to my further displeasure!) it was double the price! I have been trying to order it online with no success. I am very, very annoyed. Tomorrow after staff meeting it will be my quest to try and find a print cartridge. I hate wasting so much time on stupid things.

2. I am not happy with the Spanish department at Meg's school. Meg barely holds her own in Spanish class even though she tries hard. Most of the time she does not have a clue what is going on. What is perturbing me now is that they seem to put forth very little effort to make sure at the very least that Meg understands the basic instructions. For example, what books she needs to bring home to do her homework!!! Yes, she has homework due tomorrow and she came home with nary a Spanish book.

It's also Halloween week at school, which sets my nerves further on edge. Her school wants them to dress up only as "Halloween" things (in other words: witches, vampires, ghosts etc.) And last year they showed Harry Potter to my then 7-year old daughter! HELLLOOOOOO! I really hate Halloween. When I said that the other day, my daughter said, "Mommy, remember when you told me I shouldn't use the word hate?" Sigh.

3. Even though my daughter is very responsible in some ways (and I should remind myself that she's only 8!) she also forgot to bring home her spelling book, and when she did not understand what one of her homework items written in the "teacher diary" was, she did not ask for clarification. That is something I have been trying to get through her brain. Obviously it hasn't quite gotten in there yet.

Anyway, there you have it, my disgruntled self in all its glory. Now I'm off to eat my sushi and watch Kipper with my kids. And hopefully lighten up a little!

Stay tuned, maybe the witty little post will come tomorrow...


cm said...

AAww! I "hate" those mundane niggles that pile up and really start to get you down. (or annoyed in your case). Still, there is something (unhealthily)satisfying in reading about somebody else's frustrations.

philxan said...

Hey Heather, glad to see you blogging again. Venting sure feels good sometimes, eh? ;-)

What's the printer you're trying to find a cartridge for?

Blessings, pk

Jenn said...

oh man, I know how those piddly little things can cause such a huge amount of frustration that can ruin your whole day. Sorry you've had to deal with that. What kind of printer cartridge do you need? I bet you could find it cheaper on E-bay even with shipping! LOL!

Sophie said...

I am with you on the Halloween thing..one reason to be glad not to live in America or the UK.In Holland they hardly make a deal of it. Much less agro on the school front.
As for Meg asking the teacher for clarity...my oldest(12years old)still has not learnt that one..we are really trying to hammer it in now with high school coming up next year, or he is going to have some hard lessons to learn. I recognize it though, I was the same..somehow had the feeling that if I ignored the fact that I did not get it...it would go away!! Come to think of it, I'm also
still learning that one.
Hope you have better day,
Love Sophie

Heather said...

OK, I realize I should have been more clear. You CAN order my print cartridge (for a Brother 2030) online, it's just that Spanish websites can be ridiculous. Either they don't work well so that when you push the payment button nothing happens, or they want you to make a bank transfer and then fax them the proof....etc. Or they will say my Spanish id number is not the correct format etc. Fun and games :) But no worries, this too shall pass!