Priceless Moments

This morning, Meg came into our room and stood on Troy's side of the bed looking at me. I lifted the covers for her and she climbed in to cuddle. This doesn't always happen, so I am thrilled when it does.

She said "When you and Dad die and go to Heaven, I can stay at Mrs. Rivas' house." Mrs. Rivas is her current teacher. I hugged her tighter and told her that she didn't need to worry, that probably Mom and Dad would not die until she was much older. It was one of those moments when I wished I could say that I'll never die, that she doesn't have to worry about that. But you know that life is unpredictable. So instead, you hold her tight and tell her it's not something she needs to worry about, and that Jesus will take her of her and our family too.

Then she said, "I'll miss you when you die when I'm older." She was very calm, and didn't seem to be freaked out or anything. So I just said "Yes." and hugged her some more.

After that she moved on to talk about how "next" I'll be a grandmother (is this 8-year old in a hurry or what?) and that she'll be a Mom when she "gets kids."

How I wish I could spend a day inside my daughter's brain!!!

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