My Baby Brother and His Toys

My Dad always says, "The difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys." Believe me, he knows what he is talking about! Here is a picture of my baby brother and me on his newest toy. Yep, it's a Harley. I'm sad that it's way too much bike for me to give it a spin. It weighs considerably more than I do. I could barely get off the thing. And I don't even get a ride because it has only one seat. Bummer!

All I need is the leather jacket...

Suits me, don't you think?

I have to say, I feel pretty bad that while I was sitting on the Harley taking pictures, my poor hubby was celebrating his birthday with a sick daughter and then being sick himself. Ouch :( I am DEFINITELY going to have to make it up to him when I get home!

Hang in there baby, I'll be home soon.

Oh yeah, I gotta go help with the baby :) which is what I am REALLY here for!


Troy said...

Oh my goodness! Ummm....Heather...did you actually drive that?

Nice toy, Scott!

I do think Emiliano is prettier, however!

relevantgirl said...

You go, harley girl! It looks good on you!

Jenn said...

Ooooh hot chick on bike! Look out!
Isn't Scott a little young for the mid-life crisis toy? ;)
It's a pretty nice ride - but won't look nearly as cool with a baby seat strapped to the back (I AM JOKING, I know he'd never do that!)