The end of the toner saga & "La Ida"

Well, since I ranted yesterday, I have to tell you how the story ends. This afternoon, Troy and I went to 6 stores looking for the toner cartridge. Some had no Brother toner products at all, some had other kinds. None of them had the one we needed. Never mind that PC City had a huge stack of Brother laser printers that take exactly the same cartridge and there was nary one of those cartridges in the store.

So we gave up and came home. I did some more hunting on the internet and found a place that will do it COD. Not sure when it will come, but I will have my 67 euro ready by the door. Sigh.

Moving on...

The Friday before I left for Quito, we had meetings with some of our CAI leaders until 5. When that was done, I dropped Troy off at Nic's preschool so they could walk home, and I went to pick up Meaghan from the people who had taken her home from school with them. It was Friday afternoon, and the everyone in Madrid was headed in the same direction as I was. The highway was a parking lot.

I had planned on cooking a nice dinner that night so we could celebrate Troy's birthday (which was the coming Monday and I would miss it) together as a family. At 6:30 when I had gotten Meg, I called Troy to confirm what he wanted so that I could stop at the grocery store. He said, "Forget cooking, just go buy me Burger King and I'll be happy." So Meg and I stopped at Burger King on the way home and picked up burgers.

After the kids were in bed I had a couple more errands to run (depositing one last batch of money in the bank, returning a movie and picking up some ice cream for dessert.) I was standing in line at the grocery store with my ice cream when two grown, more-than-middle class women got into a fuss about who was next in line. They began to verbally abuse each other in a way that would suit fishwives. When it started to get physical, I decided that was enough of that. I put my ice cream back and left the store. I remember that the bread shop had ice cream too so I went and bought some there in peace and quiet.

I had convinced my hubby we should stay up late watching a movie so I would be tired enough to maybe sleep on the plane the next day. At midnight he said he was done in, and since he had to preach the next night, I capitulated and we went to bed. I still had some last minute packing to do but I decided I would just do it early on Saturday morning.

A little after 2 a.m. Nic came into our room asking for "puffs" (when he feels wheezy he knows to ask for his inhaler.) I gave him 2 puffs and put him back to bed. Since I was awake and was not sure whether he was going to stay down, I stayed up and finished my packing. I was downstairs in the kitchen when I heard a tell-tale cough, a splat and then crying. I'm not sure if he was coughing and that made him gag, or if he was nauseated and he mistook it for wheeziness. Anyway, the mess was not too bad. I got him cleaned up and back in bed.

Now I was really not sure if he was going to stay in bed. There is nothing worse than going to sleep only to be quickly awakened and have to get back up again. So I stayed up, puttered around, and waited to see what would happen.

At 3:18 all was still quiet, so I went back to bed.

At 5:08 I heard a slow slide and thump, and the clang on the big metal mixing bowl I had put by Nic's bed. I am pretty sure Nic has fallen out of bed, but I hold my breathe and wait to see what will happen. I hear Nic say "OWWW." Then silence. I do not move.

At 5:23, Troy makes a sort of moaning noise that could mean he is getting sick too. I freeze. I have sudden horrible thoughts of bad Burger King grease causing an epidemic of sickness.

At 5:37, I give up, and get up.

At 7:00, Jay comes to get me, we load the bags in the car, and I'm off to Ecuador.

To be continued...


Jenn said...

So the big trip starts off with a bang! Lovely.
I'll be following the saga along.....

cm said...

What a cow!!!!! making us wait for the ending!!!!