Where's My Rhythm?

I'm having a hard time finding the rhythm and routine of fall. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with having to get up earlier (especially when a little boy I know has been waking up very early--yesterday it was 6--and coming to "cuddle" in our bed.) It's not like there are not a million things to keep me busy. Already on my plate this week: going to the public school to let them know Nic won't be attending, doing a bulletin for Sunday's service, a letter to Mountainview parents with some basic information about Godly Play (the children's program we use), finalizing worship for this Sunday, laundry...the list goes on. This week I already had to go buy Meg's Spanish books. I was rebellious though and did not cover them. They will probably come home tonight with strict instructions that they MUST be covered. Oh well, it was a gamble I was willing to take!

To top it all off, the Reverend T leaves in a bit to go speak at a retreat for the jr. high and high school kids at ECA. So I am on solo parent duty until Friday. The worst part of that is that Mom just doesn't cut it when it comes to comedy. So Meg & Nic will be in need of an extended comedy routine when he gets home.

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