When Meaghan Prays

Meaghan is a funny little monkey. For some reason, she feels like she has to compartmentalize her bed-time prayers. Her first prayer is when she thanks God for the things she liked about the day, and then she prays for things. Her list right now includes keeping Uncle Tony safe (he's in Iraq,) making Carolyn feel better after her Dad died (in the spring,) making Ana and Mark (kids at her school) feel better after their grandma died (in February,) that Emiliano would be born safely (he was, just a little while ago! I just went up to tell her and her face lit up with delight) and that K (Kelly Wills) would "get some more money so she can come back to Spain."

The other day I wondered if I should tell her that she can probably stop praying about some of the things, but I thought better of it. Maybe she has a heart for intercession. I think she should pray what she feels for as long as she wants.
The second prayer goes like this: "Dear Jesus, please give me sweet dreams. Thank you for watching over me. Thank you that you are living in my heart. Thank you for dying on the cross for me."

Yesterday Meg and Nic watched Veggie Tales'
A Snoodle's Tale. Afterward Meg said to me "It doesn't matter what other people think about us, it just matters what God thinks." From the mouths of babes!

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