The soundtrack of my life

I admit it. I don't know if it's good or bad parenting/theology, but sometimes when I am at my wit's end with specific behaviors that my kids display, I will tell them that Jesus does not like that kind of thing. (You can leave comments and tell me how bad that is if need be!) It's kind of like the Mommy version of What Would Jesus Do? Why am I telling you this?

This weekend we rented
Robots to watch with the kids. We got a good laugh out of it. One of the songs in it was James Brown's "Get Up Off That Thing." I was singing along and dancing around and Nicolas looked at me and said "Mommy, don't do that! Jesus doesn't like it!" We also got a good laugh out of that!

But you know what? I think Jesus does like it! I have to say, especially lately, I am a sedentary slug. I have not exercised forever, and I know I should be. So I am taking these words to heart (especially since I can smile at the memory) and I am going to get up off my butt!


Rogier said...

On the contrary - I think you should give parenting classes!

http://troy.mountainview-church.com said...

Yes, that was hilarious, wasn't it? Thanks for writing it down so we don't forget that funny moment!

Abril said...

gotta say heather - wish i coulda seen it :) i don't think i've ever seen you dancing around! is it something you've learned at breakfast entertainment sessions? or is it on a much higher level than the potato dance?

relevantgirl said...

Yes, Jesus would love that. And I think he'd do a jig with you. That's what freedom is all about, dancing with wild abandon for the One who granted you the ability to dance in the first place.

Heather said...

OK, I actually downloaded "Get Up Offa That Thing" from Itunes and I'm putting it in my exercise mix! And I'm going to go get on the treadmill right now!!!