My life has been not quite my own this week, with extra taxi trips etc. So I have obviously not been blogging like I want! Here is a summary of the exciting moments in my week:

~ I went to J & J's bookstore in the city, and it was OPEN!!! (Long story, but I have been there twice before during their posted business hours and they were not open.) And they gave me 20 euro credit for the books I took to trade, so I was able to stock up for the long plane ride next week. Do you know just how terrible it is to have a bag of unread books sitting in my house that I am not allowed to touch? I already managed to talk my hubby into bending the strict instructions I gave him about not letting me touch them. I have read one already. I think if I touch another though, I'll be in trouble!

~ We (Troy) finally fixed the leaky drippy toilet in our bathroom. It's amazing, you can flush without having to jiggle anything like a maniac!

~ Listening to my husband cackle like a maniac while reading Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown's wacko (not to mention heretical) take on things.

~Buying cute little baby clothes for my nephew.

~Actually getting up offa my thing and exercising twice! Yahoo, and thanks to Sarah for the great walk around the "circuit."

I'm sure you can see why all these earth-shattering things kept me away from the computer!

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