Random Monday Ramblings

Hmmm, does this look salmon to you? I was going for salmon in honor of my sushi but I have to say I find the font color selection here a little limiting! Yes, it's Monday night, Troy is at community group in the city and I made myself sushi. Yummy.

Where did this day go? It started out with domestic bliss and fresh from the oven bran muffins. Mind you, not because I need them, but they taste oh-so-good as hot as you can stand them with butter dripping off them. Yummy.

After that I did all my Monday essential errands like going to the bank to deposit money, a quick stop at the (get this) .60 euro cent store (OK, I admit that one was not quite crucial, but fun! And I am pleased with my new combo white-board/bulletin board so I can further the illusion that I am very very organized.

Spent much of the day behind the computer trying to get things done work-wise before I leave for Saturday. I was even on the verge of getting on the treadmill when my hubby came in and asked me to help him with something...so I never made it on. Instead went straight to the shower, then to pick up kids from school, then home again to finish helping hubby with the said thing while making a huge pot of soup since we discovered we were going to have to cover the main meal for community group tonight.

My very responsible 8-year old was tucked in bed by 7:30 while I sat at the table eating sushi while my slow-poke son took forever to finish the yogurt and muffin. I still haven't tidied the kitchen after the whirlwind of soup, dinner for 2 kids and sushi. The first round of school clothes that have to be washed are in the washer.

The boy who asks 10,000 questions is finally tucked in bed with a couple of sticks, a wooden hammer, and a Chinese take-out plastic container of dice, marbles and who knows what else (I'm sure there are more items lurking under the blankies but I dare not look.)

In 22 minutes I am expecting my friend Jacqui to call me from Holland. We are reading Captivating "together" and we are supposed to talk about the first chapter tonight. So I guess I better go and make sure I have actually finished reading that much!

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kelly_w said...

I miss you a ton, Heather!!!!

I'm reading Captivating too--although I may have to reread it later (my reading time usually coincides with babysitting, and the twins have decided they don't need sleep anymore. ever.) Can't wait to talk about it when I get back. Have a safe trip to Eduador!