Last Fling of Summer

Tomorrow morning we're off to the beach! Our friends Kelly & April recently deserted us and moved to the coast of Spain. They might have thought they were getting away...but just over a week after they moved into their huge new apartment, the Cady family will descend on them for a few days of fun in the sun. Nothing like being able to mooch off your friends and get a basically free vacation! Not only that, they have taken care of our kids enough to have already stocked up on the basics of life. Things like oatmeal, cereal, tuna, peanut butter and yogurt!

Tonight I talked to April on Skype about how to get to their place. April knows how much I hate to drive in cities (like huge Madrid, where the drivers are aggressive and the lanes about 2 inches wider than your car.) She asked me how I felt about driving around one-way streets looking for an open road to get to their new place. I was relaxed and confident. I'll let you know in my next entry if I arrived that way!

So tomorrow we'll be at the vet when they open so we can drop off Lexi the trouble Beagle, and we'll be on our way. We'll come back on Thursday afternoon so we can be ready for Meg to start school on Friday. (OK, who starts school on a Friday?) The house is actually in good shape. We did a massive toy and junk purge, and we are fairly free (for the moment) of Nic's notorious collections that pop up all over the house. The school clothes are clean, the backpack is packed.

I am so looking forward to baking in the sun for a few hours.


c madam said...

Love the comment about the lanes being about 2 inches wider than your car. Think you must have a slim car tho.....
Im sitting here, green with envy, not merely for your holiday in the sun, but actually for your clutter free house - you utter cow.... how dare you be organised?!

Heather said...

Watch it there madam. Calling your friends cows will not get your house painted!