OK, small rant here. One of my pet peeves is teenage hooligans who are bored and wander around generally being a pain in the butt. We live in a fairly nice area, and around here they love to smash out the glass in the bus shelters. Routinely. That really grates on my nerves. I mean, most of these kids rarely, if ever, take the bus. Half of them tear around on motos. Never mind that there are hard-working people who shiver in the early morning hours just because these kids were looking for a thrill. It's crazy. The city replaces the glass; they smash it again. Sometimes I am tempted to do a stake-out with the number to the police at the ready on my mobile.

And then yesterday, some more hooligans on the train did a nice little number on my Ecuadorian friend Roberto. He got on the train, and three of them descended on him. The two boys made a big show of trying to take his mobile phone. The third, a girl, stuck her hand in his bag and stole his passport. Of course he was so distracted trying to hang onto the phone (which is actually ours) that he didn't notice it was missing until the next day. And they had the further gall to sit there and be very chatty with him until they got off the train. So today he has to hang out at the Ecuadorian embassy and spend 99 euro to get a new passport so he can go home on Sunday.


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Jenn said...

Ugh - I see Hooligans abound all over the world.
Isn't it infuriating? They smash bus shelters here too. Such a cheap thrill at the expense of the taxpayers.
Doesn't it just make you wonder why people grow up to act like that? I'd prefer use my taxes to put such people in prison,rather than purchasing replacement bus shelters all the time.
I'm so sorry your friend had such a terrible experience.
it makes me mad.