Home again

This afternoon we left Kelly & April's around 12. Of course the sun came out just about then, and while we dragged all the stuff to the car we could see lots of blue sky and puffy white clouds. It felt very strange leaving them there on the street. I know I am not really old enough for them to be my kids, but I felt kind of like I had just dropped them off at college or something. I didn't like driving away, knowing that they would be rattling around in their beautiful big apartment tonight without us.

After that we began the long drive uphill to Madrid. It was mostly uneventful, punctuated by sporadic rain showers, occasional power plays between trucks toiling slowly uphill, and regular sightings of the big black bull.

The bull Posted by Picasa

We're home now safe and sound. It feels kind of strange, because for the first time in months, we have the house completely to ourselves. Our Ecuadorian friend Ana has moved into a studio in the city, and for the next week, the Cady Hotel is empty. It's very abnormal!

Meg starts school tomorrow, so I'll be plunged back into routine. I am not looking forward to 7:30 breakfast!

The dog was pathetically happy to see us and is sleeping in her bed as happy as a clam.

I am going to bedearly tonight!


Abril said...

It was really great having you guys here - now that you know how easy it is get here (at least to Castellón, if not exactly to our apartment :) ) you know that if you ever need to get away - its just a short drive :)

unfortunately the sun has been bright and beautiful since you guys left. i don't know what that blip was all about, but the main thing was quality time :) maybe we'll get the beach next time around!

Heather said...

Wow, two comments in one day. I think I may have used up my April comments for the next six months :) But thanks, they made my day!

Don't worry, we'll definitely be back (if for no other reason than to find those darn keys!)

Big hugs to you both.