~ Troy is home safe and sound. The kids (and me) (and the dog) are thrilled. He's putting the kids to bed now, blessed man. The week went great. At least 5 kids accepted Christ.

~ I am one tired Mama. Nic was up at 4 with a slight asthma attack. Thank God we don't have to be up early tomorrow.

~ Meg got 10 out of 10 on her spelling test.

~ Busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow we have set-up for church, I have to get bulletins and inserts and letters for parents about Godly Play photocopied, clean the house for houseguests arriving Sunday and Monday, buy enough groceries to last until Tuesday (payday! oh how I love thee) etc. Sunday is church and maybe people coming over for lunch. I think it needs to be a crockpot kind of day. Tempting to buy the roast chicken and fries from the place down the street but no can do. Crockpot it is.

~ TWO weeks left before I go to Quito!


Jenn said...

Glad Troy is home safe! What a darling to be putting the kids to bed and giving tired mum a break (although I suspect he missed them terribly too).
Breathe Nic. Asthma sucks.
Way to go Meg on the spelling - see my blog for spelling issues and what happens after multiple pregnancies...
Crockpots make the best kind of dinners! I fully endorse the crockpot dinner.

Ana Michelsen said...

Blessed family I add...